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Cockroach Removal Nottingham, a part of Pest Control Nottinghamshire is a professional Pest Control company covering all aspects of Cockroaches in the Nottinghamshire areas. You will find our prices reasonable and our work is always carried out to a high standard. We also use the latest chemicals to ensure eradication of Cockroaches.


We undertake both domestic and commercial properties throughout Nottinghamshire and our team will also talk you through each step of the way and discuss with you how to deter Cockroaches from your home in the future.

We do not have call-out charges and we are able to come out to your home the same day, even if it’s just advice that you require pick up the phone and give Pest Control Nottinghamshire our helpful team a call today.

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About Cockroaches:

Cockroaches are able to hold their breath for up to 40 minutes, why they do this is unknown, although it is thought that it may be to save water. They are also one of our planets great survivors and cockroaches have been around since the dinosaurs and they will most probably out live all us too.

Cockroaches are amphibious and when threatened they will run into water. There is also more to cockroaches than we may think they are one of the most adaptable creatures that exist worldwide apart from the Polar Regions and in elevations above 2,000 meters. They can also survive under water for several hours.

There are around 4,300 species of cockroaches throughout the world and less than 30 of these are considered as pests. The world’s smallest cockroach is approx 3mm long and the heaviest is an Australian Rhinoceros which is approx 80mm in length and the cockroach that has the largest wingspan is the Megaloblatta Blaberoides.

There are 2 species of Cockroaches which has probably been brought in from abroad; these are the Oriental and German Cockroaches.

If you do have a problem with cockroaches Pest Control Nottinghamshire 24 will be on hand to help you, with our team of dedicated technicians we offer you a fast and efficient service, covering both commercial and domestic properties.