Bed Bug problems in Nottingham

Bedbug control Nottingham


We are currently getting a lot of calls in the Nottingham area from customers who have a problem with Bed Bugs. Bed bugs are brought into your home on luggage or clothing after sleeping in a infected location like a hotel or Guest house or even an Air B&B. It doesn’t matter how clean you home is they are not fuzzy. Once they are in their location they will set about breeding at a rapid rate. If you are getting bites on you or red blotches on the skin you might have an infestation. Do not delay in calling a professional pest technician. Bed bugs are not easy to get rid off and require professional help to eradicate the problem. Pest Control Nottingham is such a company that can help.


We can put in place a effective solution and treatment Plan for you.

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Flea Control In Nottingham


Flea Control nottingham

We have been getting many calls for Flea Removal throughout Nottingham over the last few months, it’s quite unusual to be getting as many as we are, even though fleas are still around this time of year it’s the summer months when there are many flea enquiries.


Our team have been successfully removing fleas from properties and we only use the latest and safest chemicals for the safe eradication of fleas and it’s very rare we get called back to a property twice.


If you think you may have a problem with Fleas give us a call and we can be with you in no time at all, we are all fully qualified to deal with flea Control and you will also find our prices affordable and a professional job will be undertaken.


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Bed Bug Control in Nottingham

Bedbug control Nottingham


We are the Professional Bed Bug Control experts in Nottingham. If you suspect you have Bed Bugs this can become a real problem if left untreated and will spread quickly throughout your property and to other bedrooms. are you being bit in the night? We offer a FREE Survey to confirm the infection.

We will then put in place a effective solution and treatment Plan for you.

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Pest Control Nottingham offer Commercial Pest Control Contracts

Commercial Pest Control Contracts

Pest Control Nottingham offer Commercial Pest Control Contracts for businesses in Nottinghamshire.
Pest Express can look after your business and protect it from past and future Pest problems. Pest Express
understands the implications a pest infestation can have on a business. They used to work as Environmental health officers before launching their Pest Control business, so they fully understand the problems a Pest Control infestation can cause to a business. The worst is being closed down by the local authorities. Pest Express also know many businesses never recover from being closed down.

Pest Express provide an all year service to local businesses in Nottinghamshire, which is based on prevention rather than reaction.

Their service provides:

• Choose from Four, six, eight or twelve site visits per year
• Site plan showing all pest monitoring points & EFK’s
• Providing a due diligence defense with food legislation
• Emergency callouts
• Full Laboratory service available including pest identification
• Environmental Health officer technical audits
• Telephone service for advice and help
• Fully insured service (£10 Million)
• Fully trained technicians to BPCA or RSPH level 2
• Annual contracts
• Organic and non-organic methods of pest control

Having an annual contract with Pest Express can help prevent pest infestations and save you money. We offer site-specific contracts to meet your requirements, with all-inclusive prices.

Contact Pest Express today for a No Obligation Quotation.